Thread requirement calculations –


accurate and profitable.

If you are sewing or making embroideries you need to know what quantity of thread you need for each item. To know the exact thread requirement will help you to order the right quantity of thread and to contain your stocks and your costs.  AMANN offers different tools for precisely calculating your thread requirements: 

Brochure “Calculating sewing thread requirements”

The brochure offers a sewing thread requirement table for the individual calculation of thread quantities. Major stitch types, their construction and the look of the corresponding seam are clearly illustrated with the corresponding quantities of sewing thread required. The free brochure is available here

Calculation tool for embroidery

Embroidery thread requirement mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Tensile strength of the thread
  • Stitch length
  • Material thickness
  • Number of stitches or machine running time
  • Thread ticket number

The thread consumption per pattern and colour is usually marked on the plot for the punched pattern. If no details are given, it is still possible to extrapolate the thread consumption value. Detailed information is available here.


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