Sewing advisory services – individual and intelligent.


Identifying problems means avoiding difficulties. Whatever questions arise during sewing, AMANN has the answer. We have invested in a highly specialised team of sewing advisers who offer expert solutions on every question around sewing and embroidery: 

  • Sewing advice onsite: at production plants – worldwide
  • Sewing thread concept: recommendations on thread types, ticket numbers, seam types for new designs, innovative fabrics or new manufacturing techniques 
  • Seam costs check: analysis of seam costs taking into account quality and production efficiency; offering intelligent seam-concepts
  • Technological seam check: testing of finished seams for seam slippage and fabric slip-resistance, seam breaking resistance, elasticity of seams etc. 
  • Improving seam quality: analysis of all the parameters affecting the seam such as needle, machine, stitch type, handling etc., resulting in an individual sewing recommendation 
  • Damage analysis and problem solving:  identification of the cause of faulty seams; test series for optimisation
  • Embroidery support: product advise and processing recommendations 


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