Polyester/cotton core spun

  • core spun thread made from 40% polyester and 60% cotton
  • optimised dyeing properties due to the high cotton part
  • the ideal addition to PremiumGD and Mercifil, recommended to be used in combination
  • increased seam strength due to the polyester part compared to 100% cotton threads
  • robust in sewing

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Explanation of colour no.:
LT00 = Light with raw polyester core, recommended for light dyeing, depending on the type of treatment, it is also possible to use it all-purpose
DK01 = Medium with pre-dyed polyester core, recommended for medium dyeing
DK02 = Dark with pre-dyed polyester core, recommended for dark dyeing.

Please consider:
Due to the high cotton part, the dyeability is optimised.
Nevertheless, only the cotton part is dyed during the dyeing process.
The polyester core remains undyed.


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