The AMANN Code of Sustainability.


Maximum responsibility with minimal impact on environment


Dealing with the environment and its resources responsibly and sustainably is an important aspect of the AMANN Group’s corporate activity. We guarantee compliance with equally high environmental standards at all our production sites worldwide.


Production optimised according to ecological standard

AMANN has been setting the highest standards for its manufacturing profile for many years. As far as our use of resources is concerned, we ensure an environmentally use of materials and reduction of waste.
The use of efficient systems and careful monitoring has enabled AMANN to reduce its overall consumption of primary energy to a minimum – a prerequisite for the certification of the AMANN environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.
The reasonable use of energy is an important factor in AMANN's sustainability program. The DIN EN ISO 50001 certification states that the production site at Augsburg has developed a sustainable energy management system and has a very high degree of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.
Through ongoing process optimisations in our dye-houses we have been able to substantially reduce the use of fresh water. At the same time the use of dyes and dye carriers has been reduced to a minimum. All dye-houses have their own closed water circulation systems.


Environmentally friendly products

The right choice of raw materials is already having a positive impact on the eco-balance. AMANN consistently uses every opportunity for further optimisation. For instance, the production and dyeing processes of synthetic fibres feature a better eco-balance than those of cotton products:

  • significantly lesser consumption of water and energy
  • significantly reduced use of dyes and chemicals
  • no use of pesticides

AMANN participates in Greenpeace Detox campaign

With its campaign “Detox Our Future”, the environmental organisation Greenpeace has initiated a worldwide detoxification programme. Thus, an expanded criteria catalogue according to Appendix 6 has been developed for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. In comparison to the currently used testing catalogue according to Appendix 4, Appendix 6 tightens the limit values for many substances, especially for the so-called “Detox Substances Groups”. So far, the certification according to Appendix 6 is not mandatory. 

AMANN is the first sewing and embroidery thread producer worldwide, who adopts the detox commitments of Greenpeace and will certify all products according to Appendix 6. As we would like to provide the certificates to our customers as soon as possible, all of our certificates are currently in the process of getting re-certified. The newly issued certificate (96.0.8810) for the techX range, as well as for the polyamide-based products ONYX, STRONGFIL, Serabraid, Rasant-Oxella, ISAMET, META, and further articles, is already available and can be downloaded here. The remaining certificates will follow shortly.

Learn more about the “Detox Our Future” campaign by Greenpeace:

The AMANN promise

AMANN, together with its suppliers, faces up to its responsibility to act sustainably and therefore not to use any hazardous substances.
AMANN supports REACh and encourages the protection of consumers and environment. Hence all AMANN threads including finishing consist of non-hazardous substances which will not create any risk for people and environment.


Environmental statement  download PDF


Facts and figures.


Group turnover:
approx. 183 Million €

2,150 worldwide

Daily production output:
approx. 1 Million kilometers (AMANN could circle the world 25 times or make 2 Million men’s suits from its daily production)

Production sites:
Germany (Augsburg), United Kingdom (Manchester), Romania (Brasov), Czech Republic (Chribska), China (Yancheng), Bangladesh (Dhaka)

in 20 countries

Quality assurance:
ISO/TS 16949 (automotive industrie)
DIN EN ISO 14001 (Augsburg)
DIN EN ISO 50001 (Augsburg)


future pension.

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