Geotech comprises textile products for road building and civil engineering, and also the construction of dams and storage sites. Geotextiles protect roads and slopes, prevent landslides on avalanche tracks and ski slopes, and are used for reinforcing dikes. Underground they protect against falling rocks and secure underground railway tunnels. In road building, sensory structures support electronic systems for monitoring movement or traffic. Every application has its own individual profile of requirements. When seams are required for connecting geotextiles, AMANN offers the sewing threads that fit: high-performance, reliable and cost-efficient.



AMANN sewing thread recommendation:

Application product Raw material and construction ticket no. tex no.
Geo textiles Serafil Polyester continuous filament 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 120 270, 210, 135, 90, 70, 45, 30, 24

Our service for you:

The summary shown contains only general examples of use. The requirements in each case should be considered individually and this might result in different recommendations regarding sewing threads. Our expertise is at your disposal; we will be pleased to offer you individual, intelligent and innovative advice.

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