Leder Damenschuhe

Women’s shoes.



Fashionable shoes for women are no longer made just of leather. With high-quality imitation leathers, fabrics, films, bast, sisal and other woven materials there are no limits to creativity. So that these works of art can survive in everyday life, the sewing threads not only need to possess essential outdoor qualities but even during machining they have to stand up to thermal stresses and high tensile forces. Add in a wide range of colours and a perfect appearance, and the choice has to be sewing threads from AMANN.





AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread for women’s shoes we recommend Serafil in a selection of tickets matched to the seam position and the material. 

Depending on the individual demands in use and the sewing conditions, it might be worthwhile selecting other qualities from the AMANN range:

  • ONYX and STRONGBOND in the corresponding range of tickets



Standard seam plan for women’s formal shoes

Nahtart Stichbild Stichtyp Nadelfaden Spulen- bzw. Greiferfaden Nadel-
stärke Nm
      Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr. Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr.  
60 45 60 45 80 - 100
60 45 60 45 80 - 100
60 45 60 45 80 - 100
60 45 60 45 80 - 100
60 45 60 45 80 - 100
80 30 80 30 80 - 90

Standard thread requirement:

Women’s formal and leisure shoes

Total: 23–30 m 

Closing and topstitch seams: 26 m

Our service to you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific material and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's Technical Sewing Service

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