Filigrane Stickereien & Monogramme

Filigree & monograms.


Embroidered lettering for monograms, labels or strips of labels has to be worked delicately and finely. The smallest sizes of less than 4 millimeters are fashionable. They require an extremely fine embroidery thread which can also accurately produce the smallest symbol. The same applies to the details and contours of creative embroidery. Here too fineness and accuracy are essential. Serafil 120/2 and 200/2 offer this fine, classy effect. Serafil 120/2 corresponds to embroidery thread ticket 60 and Serafil 200/2 to embroidery thread ticket 75. Click here for helpful tips on digitizing and embroidering these fine tickets. (Link to downloadable tips on Serafil Fine)


Typical examples of use:

Monograms, labels, lettering on label strips, details and contours

product ticket no. tex no. make-up number of colours needle size
Serafil fein 120/2 16 5.000 m FS 78 60 - 70
Serafil fein 200/2 10 5.000 m FS 78 55 - 65

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