Glänzende & modische Stickereien

Brilliant & fashionable.


Classic embroidery is shiny and brilliant. It enchants us with its creativity and colour, and sets fashion trends. Most embroidery used on clothing, home textiles and in the automotive area is in this style. As well as its brilliant appearance, classic embroidery also demands the best characteristics in use. Extreme colourfastness and wash resistance, good chemical and mechanical resistance and perfect embroidering performance are essential. 

ISACORD, the polyester embroidery thread in the AMANN product range makes child's play of these high demands. It can be used universally, it is robust in use and comes in a variety of strong colours, so it offers the best abilities for fashion and function.


Typical examples of use:

Embroidery on all materials suitable for embroidering 

product ticket no. tex no. make-up number of colours needle size
ISACORD 40 27 10 x 1.000 m KS 390 65 - 90
ISACORD 40 27 5.000 m KS 391 65 - 90

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