Decoration and enhancement are key functions of embroidery. Embroidery threads can be found on clothing, shoes, at home or in the car. Embroideries set trends, personalise items and are special eye catchers. Whether they are a simple monogram or a rich and colourful embroidered motif, brilliant, dull or with metallic shimmers, embroidery threads are always an important creative design element and attract the observer’s eyes. The versatility and precision of embroidery technology is also being recognised more and more in the technical area, and is increasingly being used there.

Embroidery demands a wide range of colours and qualities. This is a language that AMANN understands perfectly.

AMANNs embroidery threads ISACORD, ISAMET, ISA TEXLIGHT and ISA provide unlimited creativity and productivity.


Brilliant & fashionable.




Filigree & monograms.




Glow-in-the-dark, mulitcolour & neon.


For garment dyeing.


Flame retardant.


Technical & functional.


Bobbin threads.


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