Steering wheels.


Steering wheels are particularly exposed to light and heat. They have to be resistant to fat from human skin and sweat. In addition, the designers want to create innovative decorative stitching effects as part of the interior design concepts concerned. Furthermore, special thread finishes are necessary to simplify the complicated manual sewing processes. 

In terms of performance, the AMANN sewing threads cover all of these aspects effortlessly.



AMANN sewing thread recommendation for steering wheels

Application / major characteristics Product Raw material and construction Ticket No. Tex No.
Manual seams, excellent resistance to abrasion, wax finish STRONGFIL Polyamide 6.6 continuous filament, unbonded 11/2 236
Decorative, functional and manual seams, very good fastness to light Serafil Polyester continuous filament, unbonded 10, 15, 20 316, 220, 150
Manual seams, very good fastness to light, wax finish T90 Serabraid Polyester continuous filament, braided 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 440, 590, 890, 1200
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