Seatbelts have to be reliable – at all times and even after many years of usage. Very particular importance is therefore attached to the functional seams, and thus also to the choice of sewing thread used for this safety-relevant application. 

Customer specifications define the raw material, strength and design, as well as the technological specifications required to meet criteria such as the maximum tensile strength, maximum tensile elongation or fastness to light. AMANN sewing threads meet these comprehensive performance standards, and at the same time, they display optimal sewability for multidirectional sewing on computer-controlled automatic sewing machines.



AMANN sewing thread recommendation for seatbelts

Application / major characteristics Product Raw material and construction Ticket No. Tex No.
Functional seams, excellent resistance to abrasion Needle & bobbin thread STRONGFIL Polyamide 6.6 continuous filament, unbonded 11 325
Functional seams, very good fastness to light, SW = spun-dyed black Needle & bobbin thread Serafil Polyester continuous filament, unbonded 8 SW, 10 SW, 13 SW, 8, 10, 30, 40 370, 315, 243, 350, 270, 90, 73
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