Convertible soft tops.


Multi-layered, composite technical textiles are generally used for cabriolet soft tops. The sewing threads have to securely connect these heavyweight textile surfaces and must also demonstrate high stability against mechanical wear and tear. As well as high UV resistance, the appearance of the seams is also very important as part of the respective design concept. The special AMANN sewing threads for cabriolet soft tops combine the qualities required in a reliable and inspiring way.



AMANN sewing thread recommendation for convertible soft tops

Application / major characteristics Product Raw material and construction Ticket No. Tex No.
Functional seams, very good fastness to light, water-repellent finish Needle & bobbin thread Serafil WR Polyester continuous filament, unbonded 20 150
Functional seams, water-repellent finish Needle & bobbin thread Rasant WR Polyester/cotton core spun 20, 30 170, 94
Functional seams, Needle & bobbin thread sabac Polyester/polyester core spun 25 127
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