Men's trousers are very special. The various seam types, sewing operations and different quality outer fabrics make it necessary to select the sewing threads and their properties very carefully. Stressed seams and decorative seams must have the same even appearance. The increasing use of elastic materials and creative sewing techniques pose challenges that have to be met by sewing threads and production methods. AMANN offers economic and aesthetic solutions for all these problems, at the highest technological level.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread for trousers we recommend sabac 120 in combination with sabaTEX 120 for serging.

Depending on the trouser fabric and the sewing conditions such as the stitch density and stitch type, it might be worthwhile selecting other qualities from the AMANN range:

  • for closing seams in coarser fabrics sabac 80
  • for elastic fabrics sabaFLEX
  • for decorative seams sabac and Serafil in a wide range of tickets
  • for the finest blindstitch seams Serafil 200/2



Standard seam plan for trousers

Nahtart Stichbild Stichtyp Nadelfaden Spulen- bzw. Greiferfaden Nadel-
stärke Nm
      Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr. Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr.  
80 40 80 40
120 18
120/2 (≙ 180) 16 65 - 70
80 40 80 40
80 40
80 40 80 40

Standard thread requirement

Total: 250 - 350 m
Closing and topstitch seams: 130 m
Serging seams: 170 m

Our service for you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific fabric and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's technical sewing service.

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