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Garment Dyeing has a large share in trouser production. Customers appreciate the distinct look. Garment dyed trousers become frequently worn favourites which must be specifically robust and durable. This is a particular challenge for sewing threads which must provide perfect dyeability and at the same time sufficient strength and sewability.
The sewing threads AMANN supplies for Garment Dyeing meet these requirements.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

Our standard sewing thread recommendation for Garment Dyeing is RasantGD in combination with Mercifil:

  • For seams visible from the outside we recommend Mercifil as needle thread and RasantGD as looper thread.
  • For inside seams, not visible from the outside, we recommend RasantGD as needle and looper thread.

The advantages of this combination are perfect dyed outside seams due to the use of a cotton thread as well as better seam strength and seam elongation due to the use of RasantGD in the looper. Please note that only the cotton part of RasantGD is dyed during the Garment Dyeing process and the polyester core might shine through.

As a sustainable alternative for Mercifil, LIFECYCLE Cotton, a sewing thread made from organic cotton, can be used.



Standard seam plan for garment dyeing trousers

Nahtart Stichbild Stichtyp Nadelfaden Spulen- bzw. Greiferfaden Nadel-
stärke Nm
      Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr. Produkt Etikett Nr. Tex Nr.  
50 60 50 60 100 - 110
50 60 50 60 100 - 110
24/2 70 50 60 100-130
50 60 50 60 100 - 110
40 50 40 50 80-90
40 50 80-90

Standard thread requirement

Total: 230 - 370 m
Closing and topstitch seams: 150 m
Serging seams: 130 m

Our service for you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific fabric and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's technical sewing service.

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