Festtagsbekleidung für Kinder



Even little ones have to put on festive clothes every once in a while; and if they like what they are wearing, they won't complain and will accept frills and pleats, smocking and crimping, embroidery and classy fabrics such as velvet or fine batiste. And the AMANN range contains the right threads for even these special applications - perfectly matched to the most widely differing requirements.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread for occasion wear - whether blouses, shirts, dresses, blazers, trousers or skirts – we recommend sabac 120 in combination with sabaTEX 120 for serging.

Depending on the fabric and the sewing conditions such as the stitch density and stitch type, it might be worthwhile selecting other qualities from the AMANN range:


  • for the finest fabric qualities sabac 150
  • for decorative seams sabac, Serafil or ISACORD in a wide range of tickets
  • for sparkling accents ISAMET or META 
  • for the finest blindstitch seams Serafil 200/2


Standard seam plans for occasion wear are provided below:




Our service for you:

On request our Sewing Advisory Service offers you individual sewing thread recommendations according to your fabric and its processing parameters.

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