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Quilts perform two functions, firstly as a finely quilted duvet filled with natural or functional fibres, and secondly as a decorative bedspread in fashionable colours and attractive patterns. These too are increasingly made of microfibre materials and are light as a feather, easy to care for and indestructible. When you use AMANN sewing threads you are guaranteed perfect results in terms of both shape and colour.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread for quilts we recommend Rasant 75. For sewing on double chainstitch machines, the right choice is Rasant 75 as the needle thread, combined with sabaTEX 120 as the bobbin thread.

Depending on the fabric and sewing conditions, it might be worthwhile selecting different qualities from the AMANN range:

  • for down-proof materials we recommend Serafil 120/2 for topstitch seams



Standard seam plan for quilts

seam type seam appearance stitch type needle thread bobbin or looper thread needle
size in Nm
      article ticket no. tex no. article ticket no. tex no.  
lockstitch 301
Rasant 75 40 Rasant 75 40 90 - 100
lockstitch 401
double chainstitch
Rasant 75 40 sabaTEX 120 18 90 - 100

Our service for you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific material and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's Technical Sewing Service.

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