Bed linen.

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Percale, flannel, satin, seersucker, jersey, flannelette or microfibre: bed linen comes in many different qualities, colours and patterns. AMANN offers the right sewing thread for every fashion, for a perfect seam quality with flat seams which never go out of shape even after repeated washing.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

As a universal sewing thread for bed linen we recommend sabac 120.



Standard seam plan for pillowcases

seam type seam appearance stitch type needle thread bobbin or looper thread needle
size in Nm
      article ticket no. tex no. article ticket no. tex no.  
closing seams 301
sabac sabac
serging seams 504
3-thread overlock stitch
sabac sabac
closing and serging seams 514
4-thread overlock stitch
sabac sabac
bar tack 304
sabac sabac

Our service for you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific material and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's Technical Sewing Service.

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