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Blouses & shirts.


Garment Dyeing is also used for blouses and shirts. The production of collars and cuffs, hems, button panels and yokes asks for accurate seams, perfect dyeing results and sufficient strength. AMANN's sewing thread range for Garment Dyeing has been developed to meet these challenges.


AMANN sewing thread recommendation.

Our standard sewing thread recommendation for Garment Dyeing is RasantGD in combination with Mercifil:

  • For seams visible from the outside we recommend Mercifil as needle thread and RasantGD as looper thread.
  • For inside seams, not visible from the outside, we recommend RasantGD as needle and looper thread.

The advantages of this combination are perfect dyed outside seams due to the use of a cotton thread as well as better seam strength and seam elongation due to the use of RasantGD in the looper. Please note, that only the cotton part of RasantGD is dyed during the Garment Dyeing process and the polyester core might shine through.

As a sustainable alternative for Mercifil, LIFECYCLE Cotton, a sewing thread made from organic cotton, can be used.



Standard seam plan for garment dyeing blouses & shirts

seam type seam appearance stitch type needle thread bobbin or looper thread needle
size in Nm
      article ticket no. tex no. article ticket no. tex no.  
closing seams (not visible from the outside) 301
RasantGD 75 40 RasantGD 75 40 90 - 100
closing seams (not visible from the outside) 401
double chainstitch
RasantGD 75 40 RasantGD 75 40 90 - 100
topstitch seams (visible from the outside) 301
Mercifil 50 40 RasantGD 75 40 90-100
serging seams 504
3-thread overlock stitch
RasantGD 100 30 RasantGD 100 30 80 - 90
button hole 304
lockstitch zigzag
Mercifil 50 40 Mercifil 50 40 70 - 80
attach button 107
single thread chainstitch
Mercifil 50 40 70 - 80

Standard thread requirement

Total: 115 - 150 m
Closing and topstitching seams: 45 m
Serging seams: 80 m

Our service for you:

Sewing thread recommendations for your specific fabric and sewing parameters and thread requirement calculations are available on request from AMANN's technical sewing service.

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