University takes care of the theory, and we will show you how to put what you have learned to concrete use. In this way we will get you fit for your professional career and systematically develop your skills. Working together with colleagues, gathering experience of everyday business and projects, getting to know processes and structures – these are all part of an internship. Therefore we offer you an opportunity to grow professionally under expert guidance during a practical semester or a voluntary internship. The topics and goals of your internship we will agree together with youbeforehand.

Working student positions

Joining AMANN as a working student offers you a variety of benefits. Whether you work for us in parallel with studying, or during the semester holidays, actively working with us will enable you to gather practical experience. We are looking for committed students who want to combine their knowledge and ideas with practical experience and are willing to take on their first responsibility. You can look forward to an internationally active company which is already working today on the ideas of tomorrow.



The AMANN Group operates in an international environment with fascinating technologies, and thus offers the ideal basis for producing your diploma dissertation or your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.
So that you can reach your goals independently, we will support you by involving you in our teams and offering you intensive personal and professional care at every stage of your project.

Are you interested?

Then please contact us in time (at least 8 weeks) before the desired start date, so we can offer you an ideal support. We are looking forward to your convincing application including cover letter, CV and references.

Which topics are particular interesting for us at the moment, you can find out by checking our current job offers. You are welcome to submit an unsolicited application as well. 

Here you can find our current job offers.

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